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​​Craig Griffin is a highly experienced and professional voice actor who has forged a successful career on quality, hard work and dedication seeing him rise to becoming among the best voice talents in Australia. He strives to leave his client’s ‘mind-blown’ every single time which is the reason he is constantly in high demand and why his clients want him back again and again.

Incredible amounts of studio time have rewarded Craig with many exciting opportunities to do everything from video game character voices for LA gaming companies and  narrating multi-episode documentaries to voice-on-hold messages and everything in between. 

His rich, bold, deep & natural voice is perfectly suited to a diverse range of applications including, but by no means limited to, animation, video games, documentaries, character voices, big brands and retail applications, radio/tv/film promotions, all kinds of corporate work and just about anything the entertainment industry can throw at him.

Craig has trained with the best schools including TAFTA, Actors Centre Australia (ACA) and VoiceBooth(Sydney) as well as with some of the world’s leading trainers such as Gabrielle Rogers (Hemsworth’s coach), John Orcsik (TAFTA) and Dean Carey (Jackman’s teacher).

Craig Griffin is a highly successful voice actor, presenter as well as an actor of both stage and screen with diverse skills and professional abilities to master any challenge. 

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