All in, no half measures.


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CJ Griffin
​“Success lies in doing things a little differently to the rest…”
A successful approach to acting, as with life, lies in ‘blazing your own trail’ and focusing on your own uniqueness, originality and instincts according to CJ Griffin.

CJ Griffin is a professional actor and voice actor who has forged a successful career through dedication, hard work and self-belief.  As a result he is able to bring a commanding presence, authentic characters and honest performances which help to elevate productions to the next level. 

He has had formal training as a stage, screen and voice actor and spent countless hours honing his craft and always seek to do what he does very well even better. He believes very strongly in the collaborative creative process  and brings his best performance every time to help tell a great story and achieve the filmmaker’s vision.

CJ studied acting at Tom McSweeney’s illustrious Warehouse Workshop Screen Acting School and graduated in 2015.  He has also studied at The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA) under John Orcsik and at the Actors Centre Australia (ACA) under Dean Carey.  CJ has a commitment to ongoing training and continuous growth to maintain professional.

An accomplished actor and voice actor, CJ brings an extremely high level of professionalism, results and success to any production he is fortunate enough to be part of and always delivers results far beyond all expectations.