• Master of Business Administration [MBA] Degree (Current)
  • Bachelor of Business Degree (Management)
  • Certificate Level IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (Category 2)
  • Diploma of Retail Management
  • Associate Diploma of Business (Retailing)


Firstly let me thank you, yes you.. Just by being here you are an important part of my journey.

I began my working life straight out of high school in the Australian Army undertaking officer training and have experienced a dynamic and diverse career which has included teaching business at a TAFE college and being a venomous snake catcher.  I have studied my whole career while working and have earned multiple diplomas, a Bachelor of Business degree and I'm currently completing my Masters degree in Entrepreneurship.

I am very fortunate to have found my true calling and discovered my gift - entertaining people and telling stories as a professional actor. 

My ultimate goal is to have the same effect on people that the great actors whose films and shows I grew up watching had on me.

As an actor I am drawn to playing people who may be damaged, broken, affected, transformed or in some way beyond average. I have a penchant for playing complex, layered, darker and more sinister characters. Especially those with intelligence, charisma or redeeming and endearing features which balance against their malevolent side. That being said I cherish the opportunity to play all types of roles from comedy to horror, from action to the dramatic, from the romantic to the biopic and believe there is strength in diversity and flexibility.

I strive to find part of myself in the character and part of the character in myself and focus on the point at which the two intersect. 

I believe it is the role of storytellers to make you think, make you feel, let you escape and help you grow but above all to entertain you. 

Thank you for being part of my journey because after all, stories are told for you.​